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Our novelty extras provide something different for your guests to enjoy, let them laugh at the antics of a tipsy waitress or be greeted in style by paparazzi or bouncers. To see a larger image of the artists place mouse pointer over the picture.


Lulu the Tipsy Singing Waitress: Imagine being at a banquet and one of the waitresses gets tipsy and a little mischievous and finally bursts into song? Imagine stifling your laughter because ONLY YOU are in on the act and know that Lulu is really an actress/vocalist, a master of improvisation with a rubber face and comic timing. Lulu's antics will have your guests in stitches. Ideal for Dinners, Weddings or anywhere you want to surprise your guests


Spoof Paparazzi or Bouncers: Our experienced mix and mingle characters will greet your guests on the red carpet and make them feel special as if they were royalty or film stars. Ideal for Dinners, Weddings or anywhere you want to make your guests feel especially welcome.


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