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Tributes and look-a-likes of all your favourite bands and solo artistes.

We have an extensive cross-section of first class tribute artists and groups, suitable whatever the occasion . To see a larger image of the artists place mouse pointer over the picture.

  The Phoney Beatles: If there's one thing you won't find to be phoney about the 'Phoneys', it's their sound. Quality and authenticity are top on their list of priorities, along with attention to detail. Reproducing the sound of The Beatles is of utmost importance to the 'Phoneys', as I'm sure everyone would agree on listening to them, and it is the very high standard of musicianship that enables them to produce that wonderfully exciting Beatles sound, along with the look, feel, the fun and the humour that The Beatles will always be loved for.

On stage the 'Phoneys' show that they love what they do in their enthusiasm and the fun they are having, which is sure to rub off on any audience, ensuring a good time is to be had by all.

Rob Lamberti: Not only does Rob Lamberti sound like the real McCoy, the resemblance is so great that when Rob appeared as George on Granada TVs Stars in Their Eyes in 1994, the programme's make-up department had to 'tone down' his natural appearance, before the 'transformation' took place, so as not to give the game away to the audience. "I always ensure my audiences have fun," says Rob" When it comes to having a good time, 'I'm your man!

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Milli Munro: With a professional career of over 25 years, Milli first joined a Trio The Variations. Toured Venues around Central England, won EMI Search for a Star competition in 1977 at Bailey's NightClub, Watford. Joined Second Group, another Trio, The Bad Girls . During her time with the group, Milli toured the North East, Manchester & Scotland. Milli joined her third group, The Divas.

Shown here as Tina Turner, Milli Munro = 'Simply The Best'


Tony Lews: Not only does he look like Robbie Williams he sounds like him as well. Featured on TV's One and Only program Tony proved to be a popular contestant. If you're a big Robbie Fan, then Tony is the man for your event.


Navi:Navi is universally recognised as "The World's No.1 Michael Jackson Impersonator" throughout the world, including the Michael Jackson fan community itself.

No other impersonator or tribute act has ever come close to achieving what Navi has accomplished to date. Listed below are a few points that underline Navi’s many achievements, his professionalism and commitment to delivering an ‘MJ performance’ second only to the man himself - Michael Jackson. He even worked for Michael Jackson as a decoy over a period of several years. For Michael Jackson fans, Navi wont disappoint.


Tom Canning: Tom Canning is one of the UK's top Tom Jones Tribute acts and has performed all around the world for many different occasions. Since winning Stars in their Eyes in 1990 with his performance as Neil Diamond, Tom has continued to grow his career and has performed all around the world. He has also performed for many celebrities including:

Roger Daltrey (The Who) - "thoroughly enjoyed Tom's performance"  
Lawrie McMenemy (Football Manager) - "he is the best in the business"  
Andy Gray (Sky Sports) - "an absolutely brillient act"
Warren Clarke (Actor) - "simply the best"


Rickie Arthur: Europes No1 Michael Michael Buble Tribute Act - Buble Fever

Closely resembling Michael Buble, Rickie decided to set out to perfect and give an amazing performance and tribute to him , coincidently he was already a very big fan of Michael Buble and already knew most of his songs. Since performing as " Buble fever " he has been called by many of his fans as the young buble and at 22 years old he takes that as a big compliment as Rickie respects Michaels talent and is a massive fan of his. Rickie has done his three years at Performing Arts and is now a graded singer,Actor, Dancer and Choreographer. Rickies classically trained voice of Tenor/High baritone gives him an amazing range to capture the voice of Michael Buble and is wowing the crowds both in the UK and Europe, coming off a most recent fantastic showcase tour of Belfast , N.Ireland.


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The Three Belles : The Three Belles are a 1940s style vocal trio inspired by the Andrews Sisters and with their brassy big band sound they will recreate for you memories of the blackouts of the Blitz and give you a true feel for the dramatic decade of the wartime music era.

Their aim is to rekindle the nation’s love of jazz music and capture the essence of an era, producing work of a professional standard and perform at events or venues for audiences young and old.

So if you wish to "Get In The Mood" and Lindy hop down to "Tuxedo Junction" indulge yourselves in the nostalgia of a bygone era.

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Mark LeFevre: Need a pirate tribute, then look no further than Mark LeFevre as the handsome pirate Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Carribean series of films.


As well as the above , we can also provide tributes to The Rolling Stones, Abba, Elvis and many more. The decision is yours.


The above artistes are booked through their respective management.

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