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Why not "pimp" your venue to provide something different to greet your guest when they walk through the door. Below are some of the options we can offer you. Make your event THE one they will be talking about for years to come.
LED mood

MOOD UP LIGHTING – With an unlimited number of colours available to choose from you can add your wedding colour scheme to the walls of your venue and bring it to life.

TWINKLING BACKDROP, DRAPES AND SKIRTS – With a choice of either up lighting or twinkling lights, not only do they make an excellent focal point for the top table, but are also ideal for the ceremony or behind a DJ or band.

TWINKLING DANCE FLOOR – With a choice of either a glossy black or white dance floor you can provide a stunning feature as the bright LED’s twinkle and impress your guests as they head towards the dance floor.

Using the latest LED lighting technology is a safe and harmless way to change the atmosphere of your special day, the LED lighting does not give off any heat when being used and is therefore completely safe when inquisitive little fingers are investigating the equipment.

By adding  LED Mood Up Lighting, a Twinkling Backdrop  or Twinkling Dance Floor you can transform your wonderful venue into a "stunning venue" and create a WOW factor your guests would never forget.


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